Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd was established in 1947 with 87 charter members worshiping at the Masonic Temple in downtown Reno. With our first building fund campaign, we purchased property and in 1951 built the little chapel on the corner of California and Arlington with a master plan of creating a larger cathedral later.

In 2010, the congregation said, "Let's Get it Built!" Worship was held until 2012 and seated 125 comfortably. Overflow was common. Our new worship space opened in 2012 and seats 250 people. The flexible design encourages creativity, and the acoustics make it an attractive concert venue. The old worship space was converted into Shepherd Hall which now serves as our multi-purpose space that is flexible for fellowship gatherings, overflow for worship, retreats, classes like yoga and groups like Hearts and Hands Quilters.

Today the cry is "Get it PAID!"  In 2022, we will celebrate our 75th Anniversary.  It is our dream to retire our mortgage in that year.  With your help, this dream can become a reality.  Please consider supporting this final building campaign to GET IT PAID!

If you'd like more information about our final Capital Campaign to pay off our mortgage, please contact Deanna Gaunt at 775-329-0696 or email her.

Thank you to everyone who pledged and has faithfully paid their pledges!