During Lent, we will be livestreaming ALL worship services rather than meeting in person. Times are listed below for each service. Our livestream worship is available:

Recordings of all worship services are available on our YouTube Channel or on our website.

Holy Week at Good Shepherd - March 28 - April 4

For this special Holy week in the church year, we are providing for you Again & Again: Holy Week Worship Bags with items you will need for our livestreamed experiential worship for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday. Please reserve your bag by emailing ciara@goodshepherdreno.org in the church office.  Let her know how many will be worshiping from your household.

Palm / Passion Sunday  | Again & Again We Draw on Courage

Sunday, March 28  at 11am Worship Livestream 
On Palm Sunday, we remember that Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem was not a risk-free, palm party. It was a protest parade—a protest against those in power, a parade to prepare the way for a different kind of king. And this was all happening with plots to kill Lazarus (and Jesus) building in the background. We’re reminded that the crowds were brave to show up that day, and that Jesus drew on courage to face his journey to the cross. The root of courage is cour, meaning “heart.” Courage is deep within us; we often find it when we most need it, when everything else has been stripped away.
We will use the liturgy A Cup of Blessing from Seasons of the Spirit.   If you have received a Holy Week bag from Good Shepherd, you will find a mug/cup in the bag for you. Otherwise, please find a mug/cup to use in worship for each person in your household as a tactile symbol as we move through this story. 

Maundy Thursday  | Again & Again We Are Held Together

Thursday, April 1 at 7pm Worship Livestream: The Last Supper and the stripping of the altar
Foot washing is a practice of radical vulnerability, of being seen and known. Jesus loved the disciples “to the end.” In this act, we remember that God holds all of our pain, vulnerability, doubts, and sufferings. As we venture toward the cross, we can lean into God’s everlasting arms, knowing we are held.   
Our confirmands assist us in worship this evening as we share Holy communion, demonstrate foot washing and strip the altar. The 4Jesus band leads acoustic worship.

Good Friday  | Again & Again We Find Ourselves 

Friday, April 2 at 7pm Worship Livestream: The Death of Jesus
Again and again, we find ourselves at the foot of the cross, at the pit of despair, in the face of death, in the grip of state-sanctioned violence. “Here” is an emotional place. “Here” is grief. “Here” is the reality of sin and brokenness. On Good Friday, we are called to sit in the silence of death, knowing that God is here.
This is an experiential worship service based on the Stations of the Cross with scenes from John’s gospel around the death of Jesus. This year, we particularly hear how the same injustices continue with us in modern times and we are called into action. 

The Resurrection of Our Lord | Again & Again The Sun Rises

Sunday, Easter April 4 at 11am Worship Livestream: Mark 16:1-8
According to Mark, on the first day of the week, the women rise with the sun and buy spices to anoint Jesus’ body. They are shocked to find the tomb empty and leave in fear and terror. Mark’s resurrection story is less triumphant than the other Gospel testimonies (as scholars believe the remainder of Mark’s gospel was a later addition). In Mark’s version, we are reminded that Easter comes to us, again and again, even if we don’t know what to make of God’s resurrection ways. Again and again, the sun rises.  And some days, that is enough.