Greetings on this blustery Friday the 13th!
Thank you and Congratulations to Deanna Gaunt
Now that the surprise is over, we can publicly say happy 30th anniversary at Good Shepherd to Deanna Gaunt, Director of Worship and Finance. Deanna has worn many hats over her 30 years at Good Shepherd (every position possible including preaching a Sunday or two).  Aren’t we blessed beyond measure to have her at Good Shepherd!  Congratulations Deanna on this amazing milestone. Please don't leave anytime soon!
Sunday Worship – November 15
We will be livestreaming Sunday at 11am on YouTube. A recording will be made which you can watch later if you can’t join us live. Our YouTube channel is at
Blanket and Jacket Collection for the Homeless – ends Thursday, November 19
We are currently collecting new and gently used and clean blankets and jackets for Catholic Charities to give to the homeless. We have a bin located in front of the church office that you can safely place your items in. Office hours are Monday -Thursday 9am-2pm for you to drop off your donations. Please do NOT bring anything other than blankets and jackets. If you have any questions, please email
Our Money Story – 2020 Stewardship Campaign
Nov. 15  / REIMAGINE:  Scripture calls us to reimagine a world where our social and economic systems are not built to disparage or impoverish, but instead to provide for and benefit all. This week we revisit the story of the widow’s mite, a scripture that begs for reimagination and reinterpretation from the harmful ways it has been used.  Instead of commending the widow’s giving practices, perhaps Jesus is condemning the economic system that created her poverty.  The Jewish practice of the Jubilee year invites us to imagine leaving the edge of the harvest for the poor and immigrant to reap; in the fiftieth year, the harvest is shared and disparities are rebalanced.  In light of these stories in scripture, we are called to reimagine our own money stories. 
Mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters 
During the worship service November 8, Good Shepherd member Sally Odegaard talked with evident joy about the relationship she has with her "Little," as a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters. If you'd like to learn more about how you can make a difference and how you, too, might be changed, you may contact Sally at or (775) 622-2462 or visit the Big Brothers Big Sisters website at
End of Life Planning Documents
Typically, we would have our End of Life Planning documents available for you throughout November in the Welcoming Space. This year, you can find them on our website at  These resources include “A Letter to My Loved Ones,” and Good Shepherd’s Funeral/Memorial Planning Guide.  Pr. Scott would be happy to schedule time to help you work through these documents. Feel free to email him at or call the office at 329.0696.
November Shared Harvest
November Shared Harvest will be assembled November 22 and your LAST day to drop items off is this Thursday, November 19.  You can drop off your donations at the Church Office on Monday through Thursday between 9am and 2pm. We will have the bin outside the Office for your safety. Our shopping list for November includes:
Chili (We need 41 cans.)
Peanut Butter (We need 27 jars.)
Canned Vegetables (We need 41 cans.)
Toothbrushes and Toothpaste (We need as many as possible.)
2nd Mile Offering 
This month’s 2nd Mile Offering benefits The Good Shepherd’s Clothes Closet. You can mail in a check for 2nd Mile anytime during the month or drop it off in the mail slot at the church office. Please write 2nd Mile on the memo line. The Clothes Closet is NOT accepting clothing donations at this time so we cannot accept your clothing donations on their behalf until after the new year.