Greetings Good Shepherd Family,
Your Friday Eblast is coming at you on a beautiful Fall Thursday. Tomorrow (Friday) is Nevada Day, and your hardworking staff is taking the day off. We will be back to work Sunday!
Daylight Savings Time Ends this Weekend
It’s Fall and time to fall back in time one hour. Set your clocks back an hour before bed Saturday night so you can be on time to watch our All Saints Sunday worship at 11am!
Sunday’s Worship – November 1 – All Saints Day
We will be livestreaming again from YouTube Live at 11am. Our internet connection has been fixed, and we are looking forward to a steady strong internet feed. A recording will be made which you can watch later if you can’t join us live. Our YouTube channel is at
This week we remember the Saints who have left us since last All Saints Day:
  • George Aker
  • Shirley Ericson
  • Ernie Holmer
  • Margaret Smith
  • Opal Smith
If you are unable to view our online worship, you are invited to watch a recording at church on Monday, November 2 at 1pm. You must reserve your space in advance at are required, and we’re limited to 15 people.
Blanket and Jacket Collection for the Homeless – November 2 – November 19
Unfortunately, we have learned that local homeless warming shelters aren’t able to open this winter because of Covid-19. We all know how cold it can be in Reno (how cold it has already gotten overnight) and this is devastating to the homeless population in our area. Catholic Charities is responding by collecting warm blankets and jackets to give to folks in need this winter. As you are doing your fall cleaning, maybe you have some sitting around that you would like to donate. Good Shepherd will put a collection bin in front of the office doors Monday -Thursday 9am-2pm for you to drop off your donations. We will deliver them to Catholic Charities for you. Please make sure you wash the blankets and jackets before bringing them to Good Shepherd. If you have any questions, please email
An Invitation from Our Synod to Pray Together Before and/or After the Election
The election is Tuesday, November 3.  Region 2 bishops and leaders – the Sierra Pacific, Pacifica, Southwest California, Rocky Mountain and Grand Canyon Synods of the ELCA – invite all who wish to gather for a time of prayer and reflection to join us as we pray for our nation, for those seeking office, for God’s beloved community, and for our rostered ministers as they seek to lead in their specific contexts during these conflicted times.  These livestream gatherings will be: 
End of Life Planning Documents
Typically, we would have our End of Life Planning documents available for you throughout November in the Welcoming Space. This year, you can find them on our website at  These resources include “A Letter to My Loved Ones,” and Good Shepherd’s Funeral/Memorial Planning Guide.  Pr. Scott would be happy to schedule time to help you work through these documents. Feel free to email him at or call the office at 329.0696.
November Eddy House Meals
Eddy House is a shelter and resource for at-risk and homeless teens and young adults. Good Shepherd provides them with a hot meal every Monday. If you would like to contribute part of a meal during November, please visit our signup list at are in great need of help for this coming Monday!!
November Shared Harvest
November Shared Harvest will be assembled November 22. You can drop off your donations at the Church Office on Mondays between 9am and 4:30pm or Tuesday through Thursday between 9am and 2pm until November 19. We will have the bin outside the Office so you can donate safely. Our shopping list for November includes:
  • Chili (We need 41 cans.)
  • Peanut Butter (We need 27 jars.)
  • Canned Vegetables (We need 41 cans.)
  • Toothbrushes and Toothpaste (We need as many as possible.)
2nd Mile Offering 
This month’s 2nd Mile Offering benefits The Good Shepherd’s Clothes Closet. You can mail in a check for 2nd Mile anytime during the month or drop it off in the mail slot at the church office. Please write 2nd Mile on the memo line. The Clothes Closet is NOT accepting clothing donations at this time so we cannot accept your clothing donations on their behalf until after the new year.
The peace of the Lord be with you all!