The purpose of the Good Shepherd Endowment Fund is to promote responsible stewardship of unrestricted gifts and to expand mission outreach areas of special need that are not regularly addressed in the Church's general operating budget, including:

  • helping individuals who need financial assistance
  • supporting local and community organizations
  • enriching the work of the Sierra Pacific Synod and Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
  • support for special programs at Good Shepherd and specific facility needs

Your support of the Endowment Fund is a Christian ministry that makes a difference in people's lives. Please consider joining us in looking to the future and making a gift to this Fund. Together we can continue to make a lasting difference in our community and beyond.

For more information, contact the church office at 775-329-0696 or email us.


Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd Endowment Fund Fact Sheet


Management of the Fund

The LCGS Endowment Fund is held and managed by the Community Foundation of Western Nevada (CFWN) and stewarded by the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd (LCGS) Endowment Fund Committee. The goals of the Endowment Fund Committee are to strengthen committee leadership, communicate endowment benefits to the congregation, and provide opportunities for current and future endowment gifts.

Fund Statements

Quarterly statements are provided to the Endowment Fund Committee that provides a fund activity overview of the fund. This overview is broken down by income, including all gifts made to the fund and the income earned for the quarter and expenses, including any grants made from the fund, any fund expenses and the administrative fees charged by CFWN.

Each statement provides the ending fund balance, which includes the principal balance as well as the spendable income available. There is also a spendable summary provided which shows a breakdown of how the spendable figure is calculated, less any expenses to the fund.

In addition to the summary information, a secondary page is provided showing donor/grantee information.

The spendable amount available is calculated from the net income of the fund, including any and all accrued interest, dividends and capital gains in the Fund.

Gifts to the Fund

Any gifts made to the LCGS Endowment Fund will be added to the principal balance of the fund unless otherwise noted.

Life Insurance Policies

The LCGS Endowment Committee has established a standard for the management of gifts of life insurance policies to the Endowment Fund and how changes in value of gifts of life insurance are to be reported.

Any changes to value on life insurance policies and income received is not to be included in the spendable amount, but rather, be added to the principal balance of the fund for reinvestment. This standard is to be followed with respect to any future life insurance policies gifted to the LCGS Endowment Fund, unless the donor has given different instructions on how such increases in value are to be reported.

Granting from the Fund

The LCGS Endowment Committee has established an internal policy of a 4% maximum granting amount of the principal balance available.

CFWN will calculate the net income available as of December 31 and provide this figure to the LCGS Endowment Committee. The Committee will then work to determine the amount that will be moved to the LCGS Granting Fund and held in cash for Ministry Grants.