The Endowment Fund was established in 1991 as a means of furthering the mission and ministry of Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd (LCGS) in and around Reno. LCGS has been blessed over the years with strong financial support from the congregation, and we continue to encourage new gifts to grow our Endowment. We thank all those who have generously donated to this Fund!

Mission of the Endowment Fund

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to promote responsible stewardship of unrestricted gifts and to expand mission outreach areas of special need that are not regularly addressed in the Church’s general operating budget, including:

  1. Local and community organizations in the areas of educational, health, social, recreational and  Christian spiritual needs
  2. Ministries supported by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in our conference 
  3. National and global mission needs of the ELCA 
  4. Special programs and facility needs within our church at Good Shepherd 
  5. Aid to individuals in time of special need

Your support of the Endowment Fund is a Christian ministry that makes a difference in peoples’ lives. Please consider joining us in looking to the future and making a gift to this Fund.  Together we can continue to make a lasting difference in our community and beyond!

Endowment Grants 

Each year the LCGS Governing Board distributes endowment grants.  These grants are made possible by the investment returns of the Endowment.   The grants help to innovate and bring new ideas for serving our community and world. Our Endowment Grants Team will publicize and announce the availability of grant application to encourage applicants to apply for endowment grants. Grant applications are available on our website and received each year (tentatively) from March 1-May 1. The grant applicants are notified of results in May each year.   Every member of the congregation is invited to the annual Day of Joy in Giving celebration each June to honor the recipients of that year’s grants.  

 Planned Giving

While many types of gifts have supported the endowment Fund over the years the main source of funding has come from the bequests and planned gifts of members who wish to leave a lasting legacy. Because the Endowment Fund only utilizes the interest income from invested capital the donor’s original gift is never depleted.For more information about the Endowment Legacy Society and Planned Giving , contact the church office at  (775) 329-0696 or email