Fellowship Groups

If you would like more information about any of these groups, contact Maribeth Doerr.

The A-Men group is a ministry to/with men, focusing on fellowship and discipleship, and pursuing Christ's work as men.  All are welcome to participate regardless of where they are in their lives, who they are, or what their stories happen to be.  The group gathers spontaneously and organizes some events for the wider church.
Hiking Group
The Hiking Group plans hikes in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Hikes vary in length, difficulty and location around the Northern Nevada/Lake Tahoe area.  Snowshoe activities are planned in the Winter.
OWLS (Older Wiser Lutheran Singles)
OWLS meet once a month at different restaurants for lunch and conversation.
Join us for a faith-filled yoga practice, suitable for all ages and abilities.  You can practice in a chair, on a mat. a little of both, or on a mat with the chair as a prop).  We breathe, we stretch, we honor the bodies God has given us, we pray, and we connect with God, ourselves, and each other.  For more information, contact yoga teacher Maribeth Doerr.

For information about our Hearts & Hands Quilters, please see our Serve section.