Hello!  We're so happy you're interested in attending worship at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd.  We know that worshiping for the first time in a new church can feel overwhelming.  Here are some frequently asked questions to help you know what to expect at Good Shepherd.  And please, if we haven't answered your question here, let us know by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Where are you located?

Good Shepherd's mailing address is 357 Clay Street in Reno, Nevada.  We are at the corner of California and Arlington, across from the Brewer's Cabinet and kitty-corner from Wells Fargo.  Parking information is here, and our front entrance is on Clay Street.  

What should I wear?

Good Shepherd is a "come as you are" church.  We want you to feel comfortable.  If dressing up makes you feel good, go for it!  If you prefer jeans and t-shirts, shorts and Hawaiian shirts, or whatever else you're comfortable in, that's perfectly fine with us.  

Are my children welcome in worship?

Yes!  We welcome and encourage our little people to join us for worship. However, child care is available in our nursery for children under 8 years old if you prefer not to have your child(ren) with you during worship.  Little Lutheran bags for kids are also available in the hallway by the door to the Worship Space and a coloring table is available inside the Worship Space.  A diaper changing station is also available in the nursery bathroom. 

Will I have to introduce myself during worship?

We have a practice of greeting guests during worship.  However, introducing yourself is completely optional! You do not have to say a thing if that is your preference, and we respect that.  If you'd like to introduce yourself, we're happy to meet you.  If you'd like to leave us your name and contact information, we promise not to pester you!  No one will knock on your door.  It's up to you to decide what, if any, contact information you share.

Is your building handicap accessible?

Yes.  We have a ramp at both doors and accessible stalls in our bathrooms.

What if I'm not Lutheran?

Welcome!  Come on down to Good Shepherd!  It doesn't matter to your what your faith practices are or if you have any.  Most people in the world aren't Lutheran, and we aren't an exclusive club.  You are welcome regardless of your background.

What is the difference between your worship services?

Currently, we are have two weekly worship services on Sunday mornings:

  • 9am - 50 minute Contemporary Worship which includes Holy Communion with contemporary music lead by our 4Jesus Band
  • 11am - 60 minute Traditional Worship with our Choir which includes Holy Communion and is the best of traditional Lutheran liturgy and hymns from the 16th to 21st century.  This is worship with plenty of music!

How do I become a member?

Anyone may worship at Good Shepherd without formally joining the church.  However, we invite folks to consider membership as a means of expressing their faith and their intent to join with us in worshiping regularly, seeking to live a Christian life, and being stewards of the gifts God has entrusted to us.  We hold New Member Orientation twice a year.  Class content includes the opportunity to get to know others, learn about Lutheran values, beliefs, and history; and learn about ways to be involved and grow in faith at Good Shepherd.  For more information, please complete the contact form below.

More questions?  We're happy to help!  Send us a message here and we will get back to you as soon as possible!