To our beloved congregation,
Do you remember how March 2020 felt like it was two years long?  Now time is zipping by, we’re well into 2021, and inching closer to in-person worship.  We do not have a date for you yet but we really are getting closer. In the meantime, please join us for online worship (details are below) and consider Pr. Scott’s invitation for Zoom fellowship.
Missing Good Shepherd Friends? 
Bring your own coffee, bagels, or doughnuts and join Good Shepherd friends for post-worship fellowship via Zoom on Sunday, March 21 at 12:30 hosted by Pastor Scott. We’re all longing to see one another and, better yet, to worship in-person, but you’re invited in the meantime to see some Good Shepherd friends via Zoom. Take a stretch break after 11 a.m. worship on March 21 and then join the call at 12:30. We’ll have a chance to see and talk with one another and Pastor Scott will have some quiz questions, too. 
Sunday Worship for March 7, 2021
(I know I repeat this weekly, but it sounds as if it is mostly skipped over. Please read it again today.) Join us for our livestreamed Sunday worship at 11am on our YouTube channel at You can always find our livestreams and recordings with that link, or you can go to and search for “Good Shepherd Lutheran, Reno” to find us.  You can join us there at 11am or you view the recording of the livestream any time after worship concludes.  A list of all worship recordings is also available on our website at You do not have to have a YouTube account to watch our videos or livestreams.  However, if you wish to "chat" in the live chat box, you will need to sign up for an account.  Our livestreams are also shown on Facebook.
Lenten Lessons for Families
If you have been tuning in to worship, you might have noticed that we have incorporated Lenten Lessons for Children and Families into the worship service. Stephanie Leff taught the lessons the last two weeks and will this week as well.  Soon you will also see Ciara and Miss Becky. You watch these video clips any time:
The NEST (Nevada Ensures Support Together) Collaborative
Ciara Hornbarger is a Good Shepherd member who works in the church office and is a student at UNR.  This semester she has an internship with the NEST and wishes to share a flyer with you about their program to help elders and people with disabilities stay connected during social distancing and their program “Heroes for Heroes” for Veterans.  Whether you need their support or if you wish to volunteer, information is on the attachment. Please read it and if you have any questions, call Ciara at 329-0696.
What to Do with Your Ash Wednesday Seedlings
During our Ash Wednesday worship, we planted seeds in a small cup.  By now, most of them have sprouted.  So what’s next?  The seeds are lettuce seeds.  If your cup looks anything like mine did earlier in the week, it looks like a Chia Pet! These seedlings (if you ended up with a lot of seeds) need thinning out.  It’s too early in the year to plant them outside but you can thin them and leave them in the cup or plant them in a pot for now.  To learn how to thin out your seedlings, check out this article (even includes an 18 second video demonstrating the thinning process):  The article mentions that you can use the thinned out seedlings in your next salad. Let us know how your garden grows!
Tech Services
We are offering tech services to those who need help with accessing Zoom or our YouTube channel for worship. If you are interested, please call the office at (775)329-0696 to make an appointment. 
Our Boy Scout Troop Needs Storage Space
Boy Scout Troop 107 is looking for a trailer storage solution. For the past 40 years, they have been able to use a portion of Mt. View Cemetery property. That land area has been sold and is currently under development. The Troop needs to find another storage solution immediately and hopefully for a longer-term from a Scout Friendly donor. Their trailers include a 26' camp trailer, two single-axle utility trailers. They currently have a 20' Conex container however they are looking for a smaller storage alternative.  If you can help, please contact Lori Bigham at
Shared Harvest for March
The last day to donate food for this month's Shared Harvest is Thursday, March 25.  You may drop off your items at the church office on Mondays between 9am and 4:30pm or Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays between 9am and 2pm.  The bin will be outside the Office front door for your safety and convenience. Our March shopping list includes:
  • Chili (We need 26 cans.)
  • Macaroni & Cheese (We need 35 boxes.)
  • Saltine Crackers (We need 26 sleeves.)
  • Tuna (We need 26 cans.)
  • Canned Vegetables (We need 26 cans.)
  • Zip-lock bags - quart size
2nd Mile Offering for March
This month's 2nd Mile Offering benefits our Rwanda Companion Parish. You can mail a check for 2nd Mile any time during the month or drop it off in the mail slot at the church office.  Please write 2nd Mile on your memo line of your check.
Office hours are Monday from 9am to 4:30pm and Tuesday through Thursday from 9am to 2pm.
The peace of the Lord be with you all during these stressful times.  Reach out to us if you need help!
Maribeth Doerr
Director of Operations and Pastoral Care
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
(775) 329-0696, ext. 100
A Reconciling in Christ Congregation