Greetings Good Shepherd Family,
Sunday’s Worship – October 25, Reformation Sunday!  Wear Red!
We will be livestreaming again from YouTube Live at 11am. We are working on our Internet Connection to make for a better viewing experience. A recording will be made which you can watch later if you can’t join us live. Our YouTube channel is at The recording of last week’s worship is at
New  In-Person Small Groups Beginning October 26 
Are you missing your church friends? Would you like to view Sunday’s worship video but can’t seem to find it or make it work on your computer/tablet/phone?  Then join us next week!  
  • Mondays at 1pm – Gathering in Worship Space to view Sunday’s worship video

You must reserve your space in advance at are required, groups are limited to 15 people and to one visit per person per week. Groups will gather for no more than one hour, and we will not be serving food or drinks. You may bring your own drink, but please do NOT bring food.

All Saints Sunday is November 1
Due to COVID-19 health precautions, this year’s All Saints service will not be available to attend in-person, but it will be livestreamed at 11am on our YouTube Channel and then available as a recording Sunday afternoon. We will be using the list of Saints from last year. If you would like to add a loved one to this list or to verify that your loved one is on the list from last year, please call the office at 329-0696 before October 29.
An Invitation from Our Synod to Pray Together Before and/or After the Election
In November, the people of the United States will elect a president and others to public office. This election occurs at a time of change in our national and church life, a time when the Holy Spirit is at work in mysterious ways, and a time when many of our relationships are being changed and challenged. This election occurs in a time of global pandemic, racial injustice, economic hardship, sickness, suffering, loss and death. For many, this election also occurs in a time of great divisions between family, friends and neighbors. These divisions can seem deep, wide and potentially injurious to our democracy and our sense of community.
As people of faith, claimed by Jesus, we believe that the role of the church is to support and pray for the wellbeing of the world, for wise leaders to be raised up, and no matter what the outcome that we will be given the gift of “peace that passes all understanding that guards our hearts and minds through Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7)
Region 2 bishops and leaders – the Sierra Pacific, Pacifica, Southwest California, Rocky Mountain and Grand Canyon Synods of the ELCA – invite all who wish to gather for a time of prayer and reflection to join us as we pray for our nation, for those seeking office, for God’s beloved community, and for our rostered ministers as they seek to lead in their specific contexts during these conflicted times.
These livestream gatherings will be: 
THANK YOU Landscape Cleanup Helpers!  Special Thanks to Mary & Pat McGrath!
This past Saturday, we had 10-15 hardworking gardeners cleaning up our church property in the glorious fall weather. We completely filled our trash dumpster with bags of leaves and debris; we trimmed bushes, dug out dead ones, swept, washed and dusted. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped. A special thanks to Pat & Mary McGrath for taking on the project of picking out new plants for the area by the main entrance that has looked quite awful for the last year or so. That space is now beautifully planted and arranged thanks to Mary & Pat!  If you need to get outside for a few minutes, come on down and take a look!
Yoga (not yet) at Good Shepherd
I am testing the “groups feature” of our new website, and our first group is for yoga. I will be adding some short yoga videos (including chair yoga) to our group for viewing at your convenience. If you haven’t been practiced yoga with me before but you’d like to try some stretching from the comfort of your home before we’re able to practice in person again, please email me at You’ll receive an invitation to create a password for our website. After you do that, I can add you to our yoga group.
2nd Mile Offering 
This month’s 2nd Mile Offering benefits Cal Lutheran University.  You can mail in a check for 2nd Mile anytime during the month or drop it off in the mail slot at the church office.  Please write 2nd Mile on the memo line.

The peace of the Lord be with you all!