Good Shepherd currently has two part-time positions open to fill out our staff.  

Our staff includes one Lead Pastor and two full-time directors. Our two new staff positions will work closely with this staff as well as members and leaders of the church.

About our staff:  Our staff is highly dedicated and enjoys a playful atmosphere in the office. We work hard but also seek out moments of joy to fill our hearts during stressful times. We are disciplined yet highly adaptable and flexible to the current needs of our congregation and staff. We love our jobs and the people we serve at Good Shepherd wholeheartedly. We are a people-oriented work place so people skills are highly important.

The positions we are seeking are:

Office Coordinator: Coordinates a variety of office related tasks. Works Monday-Thursday roughly 9am-2pm in the office and ideally Sunday mornings in the AV booth for worship; excellent computer skills needed as well as excellent people skills. Some program coordination may be included as well. Works closely with the Director of Operations.

Faith Formation Coordinator: Coordinates faith formation activities (like Kids' Community/Sunday School) designed to reach children, youth, and their families to promote a growing relationship with Jesus. Works Sundays, some hours in the office and some evenings as programming requires throughout the week. Must be available for Sunday mornings. Works most closely with Lead Pastor.

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